About Simone 

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Simone is a mixed-race woman of Jamaican and European descent living and working in Alberta, Treaty 7 Territory. Simone is a visual artist and classically-trained actor. Her art practice has a particular focus on rug-hooking, tufting and weaving, creating large, colourful textiles.

Textiles engage upon a search for belonging: studying the Black female body, personal identities and a connection to Black history. Repetitive ideologies of powerful creatures are embedded as talismans within Simone’s work: enhancing upon otherness and the Black body’s relation rooted in a kinship of power and survival.  Simone create’s narratives through cultural mythology, history and personal landscapes. 

The connection to a global diaspora of a Black community is an important objective, whilst creating works from a craft that is rigorous and tactile. The outcome is a body of work of large textiles that illuminate a creative content rooted in a powerful history.